Images from work we've done removing animals from Connecticut homes.

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This group of images is made up of Raccoon damage. The adult raccoon had her
young right on the bed in this summer home, before the owners came back in
the spring. They were discovered upon opening the home for the season.  
The Sow had removed the toilet tank lid and was drinking the water. The tub
was   her toilet.  The young are about 3 weeks old.  Westbrook Ct.  
Here are some shots of a deer fetus. It fell
out of a doe deer that died overnight in a
backyard in North Guilford. Cause of initial
death was unknown but Coyotes had been
feeding on the carcass.  
These images were taken from a home on the water where heavy Seagull pressure
resulted in a lot of droppings and seafood too be deposited on the roof, chimneys and
the work and the devices installed to keep the birds off the chimneys. The wire type
devices were not visible from the street.  
Several options to keep birds off the chimneys were presented to the homeowner.
This was the most economical and also very effective.  Gulls love to be on the highest
points in the area. This lets them see everything going on.  Clinton CT
Skunks caught in a pit in the yard.
Nose to the ground, they will fall
right into openings like this. Once
they were removed, we screened
the top, to prevent it from
happening again.
Mystic CT
Wildlife news
Raccoon in a chimney flue. A view from the
top, looking down at her.
Old Saybrook, Ct
We had her and the two pups underneath her
removed safely, in under an hour.
Trouble wears a mask: 16 who befriend baby raccoon now face rabies threat
Published Friday, May 9, 2008
Sixteen people who fed, kissed and held a baby raccoon on Hilton Head Island now are being treated by a
physician after the animal tested positive for rabies.
Twenty of their pets are under quarantine for 45 days, said Clair Boatwright, spokeswoman for the S.C.
Department of Health and Environmental Control.
There also are seven more people who might need vaccines to prevent them from contracting the disease,
she said.
Though the raccoon was found on Hilton Head, Boatwright was not sure if all of those exposed are Beaufort
County residents. DHEC would not release names.
"Someone adopted a baby raccoon and passed it around to everyone they knew and kissed it on the lips,"
Boatwright said. "There was a lot of affectionate handling, kissing it and feeding it. Part of that is it was three
weeks old, and they inserted fingers into the raccoon's mouth. Saliva is one way that rabies spreads."
Boatwright said the baby raccoon did not show signs of the disease, but got sick Monday and had seizures.
On Tuesday, a veterinarian euthanized the animal and sent it to DHEC, where it tested positive for rabies.
In most cases, Boatwright said, wild animals will not show signs of rabies, and people will not experience
symptoms if they are exposed to the disease.
"Once you have a symptom, it has reached the brain and it is fatal," she said.
"If you are exposed to the disease," Boatwright continued, "it doesn't mean you have developed the disease.
That's when we can prevent it."
Local rabies incidents and warnings
Every year, about 400 South Carolinians have to undergo preventive treatment for rabies. This is the first
confirmed rabid animal in Beaufort County in 2008. Last year, there were 162 confirmed cases of rabid
animals across the state; none were in Beaufort County.
The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control urges everyone to leave wild animals alone.
Those exposed to the rabies virus through a bite, scratch or saliva of a possibly infected animal should wash
the area, seek medical attention and report the incident.
Brown bats in an attic, on the
Chester CT
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Large amounts of bat guano,
(droppings) on a commercial
buildings roof and HVAC system.  
A Whitetail Deer in
Guilford CT
A Beaver lodge in
Clinton CT.
A Bluebird, loose in the house. It
Came in through the chimney.
Clinton Ct                        11-18-08
Raccoon tracks on hood of car.
Guilford CT
Can you find the two squirrels
in this photo?
West Haven Ct
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This deer was
photographed by a
friend of mine and
fellow N.W.C.O.,
Brian Mongeau
from Killinglly CT.

The picture is from
an infrared camera,
that he has set in
the woods, near his
A fine mature
Whitetail Deer.
Probably not a good idea to open
this window !
Bald face Hornets will be very
aggressive  when defending their
I can remove nest like these if they
are close to your home and pose a
danger to you .