Westbrook CT   
The problem:
Seagulls on the roof of a home.
Careful observation will show a group of seagulls in the parking lot, across the street
from a customers home.  The Birds were using this customers roof as a lookout and
staging area. The roof, only months old was already  in danger of damage from the
Birds droppings and seafood dropped left to rot on top of it.
The Birds are being fed numerous times each day by people in the parking lot.
Besides not being good for the birds, this is also bad news for the homeowners in that

The Solution
Our approach to the problem was first a careful inspection. Once the problem and
situation was assessed, a Electric shock discouragement system was decided upon by
us and the homeowners.
The next thing we did was to pressure wash the roof, carefully removing all the bird
deposits. Then, Install a electric shock track system that delivers a noticeable but
harmless shock when a Seagull lands on it. This does not harm the bird but conditions
it to stay away from the roof.

The Shock track is a state of the art,
low profile system that can work in
even heavy Bird pressure situations,
like this one shown.
Weather its a system like this or another method, we can advise you on the best way
to deal with your bird problem. Depending upon the species     and nature of the
problem,  a  different approach may be required. The Shock system shown here was
the best solution to this heavy Seagull pressure.
If you have Starlings, sparrows, pigeons or Seagulls causing problems on your roof,
building or parking lot, give us a call. We can help keep them away and save you
money by protecting roofs,structures,cars and merchandise as well as eliminating the
threat of disease that can accompany these problems.  
Shoreline Wildlife Management llc
Residential Seagull control
Professional Seagull and pigeon control, management and removal in Connecticut

Here we see the mess the Birds
had created on this roof, across
the street from the parking lot.  

Even during the cleaning
process, the bird pressure
was relentless.
This picture shows the roof cleaned and  Electric track
installed on the roof.
A neat, low profile, barely noticeable from the ground
system that will protect the roof and property, without
harming the Birds.  
This same system can be used with all types of bird
problems including pigeons.

Installing the system on a very
windy and cold November day.