While controlling seagulls on a commercial building is in
someways similar to residential control, there are
differences. The amount of gulls present numerous and
the bird pressure they place on a building can be heavy.  
Commercial building can also be more visible to the public.
Loss of merchandise or customers can also be a
problem.  Seagulls nesting on a roof around HVAC units
can cause odors inside a office or store.
We have experience controlling seagulls in commercial
settings for corporate clients with great success. Using
our experience and knowledge of the birds themselves
helps us achieve the results you are looking for. No more
seagull problems.
David and Stephen installing a physical
deterrent to a HVAC unit on a Wall Mart
Here David is pressure washing a roof to
remove seagull droppings.

Stop and Shop Suppermarket
To the right Steve is installing
electric track that will deliver a
non lethal shock to the seagulls
as they attempt to stand on the
ledge. It will condition them to
not want to be there. This will
work with other birds as well
including pigeons.
This shopping plaza had
several hundred seagulls and
nests on the roof. The bird
pressure was intense.
The seagulls have no interest in
this roof now.
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