Connecticut is home to Eight species of bats. They are some of the most fascinating creatures we have.
The two most common bats frequently seen in the state will roost or stay in buildings. These are known by the common names of the Little
Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat.   Some other species such as the Red bat or the Hoary bat are less common and like to live in trees.
Residing in great numbers in our state, bats are very beneficial and important to the environment.  A single bat can consume over 1000
mosquitoes in a single hour.  Bats are mammals and have very good eyesight.
Bats will look for openings on homes and buildings along the roof line and up high. Roosting in a attic or wall by day and flying out at night
to feed. You may see bats flying out of a vent, dormer or chimney on your home.  
While a large percentage of our bats will leave in the fall and return in the spring, often to the same home they resided previously, more
and more bats have stayed over for the cold Connecticut winter. As buildings and homes become more energy efficient, better windows
and better and more insulation than in the past, bats have found walls and cathedral type ceilings warm enough for them to stay year round.
During the winter, they will hibernate, waking perhaps once a month to adj their position or perhaps wake during a bout of warm weather.
Our office receives calls every year in December through March for a Bat flying around in the living area of a home. Sometimes, these bats
can be awakened by remodeling. Contractors, redoing a Kitchen, hammering on a wall can cause such instances.  Never block or seal an
opening you suspect bats to be using. Just because it is night does guarantee they are out nor does repair work done in the winter months
insure a bat free structure. We have seen over the years, more and more bats wintering over.  
Bat in House
If you have a bat in your home. Stay Calm!
Many people wake up to bats flying in their bedroom in the middle of the night.  
A important thing to remember is bats do not attack people.  They will not fly into your hair.  A bat may try to bite if you pick it
This is a normal defensive reaction with most animals and one reason why we do not encourage people to handle bats.
If a bat is found in the home,
isolate the bat to a single room by shutting the door if possible. Lay a towel under the door so it can not
crawl under. (very common) Call a professional to remove the bat or for advice.  
We recommend that most bats found  flying in the
living area of a home be tested for rabies.
 If the animal has had known human or pet contact or was found in a bedroom with sleeping
people, it should be tested for the Rabies Virus.  A bat that has flown in through a open door or window and is a isolated incident may be
able to directed back outside if it has had no contact with anyone.
While only a small percentage of bats actually have the disease, specimens do turn up rabid. It is important to understand that any contact
with a bat is serious. This is because a bat's teeth and toes are very small and there is a small possibility that you could be scratched or bit
and unaware that it even happened, Children, the elderly or sick and handicapped people can be particularly at risk. Usually, as a bat is
flying around in a home, it is really trying to get out.
Please be aware that if a bat is to be tested for rabies, it needs to be kept cool. A common scenario we see each year is people kill a bat
in the home and then throw it outside. During the months of peak bat activity, it is usually hot out and in a matter of hours, the heat can
destroy the bat to the point of a test not being conclusive, or unable to test. That can sometimes lead to an individual or entire family going
to the doctor for post exposure rabies shots.
This is why if you have bat in the home or you know they are in your attic, you should contact a professional immediately. They can answer
your questions and advise on the best coarse to follow.
We are experts and can remove bats from your home safely and quickly. We are your CT bat professional.
Bats found roosting in an attic in Madison CT.

When thinking about hiring a company to
remove bats from your home and seal it so
a company with experience.
This is not always easy.
There is a learning curve bat work and
someone should be in business for at least
3 years before you consider letting them
attempt to bat proof you home. We can
homes we have bat proofed over the years.
We have worked on fine homes in our area,
condominiums and commercial buildings.
Every building is different and there is no
substitute for experience on the job.
Shoreline Wildlife can supply the expertise,
references, proper equipment and
insurance and back it all up with our
warranty.  We have attended numerous
keep up with the latest in information within
our industry and subscribe to and write
articles for the leading trade publications.  
We strive to do the work right the first time.

Also know that companies from other states
and even nationwide will try to convince
you they are local, especially with bat work.
If you have a problem down the road,
someone out of our area can be hard to
track down. They also have to charge more
as they will typically subcontract their bat
Eliminating the middleman and dealing with
local companies can save you lots of money.

Shoreline Wildlife is based here in Clinton,
on the shoreline. I grew up in Branford and
our family is involved in sports and
community activity's, here, in our area.    We
service from New Haven county right to
New London County and are in these areas
each week, year round.   
Feel free to call us anytime and discuss any
bat issues you may be experiencing.
We love dealing with bats here in  
Connecticut and it shows in our  work.
Working with a lift preforming
bat removal and exclusion
Guilford Connecticut
Bat guano on a roof,  
Stoneington CT
What we do
Expert bat removal, and bat proofing in Connecticut
When a home or building has bats in the attic or walls, our services will
remove all the bats,unharmed, while we seal the rest of the structure to
prevent future bat entry.
This can be a basic, straight forward job to one that is more complex.
Some determining factors are the size and age of the home, the type of
siding and how long the bats have been there. This is why a initial
inspection is so important. We feel in order to be fair with pricing bat
work, each home must be looked at individually.  Beware of company's
that quote low figures over the phone, only to raise the price when they
arrive on the job. We don't think this is right. All our bat inspections are
followed by a written proposal including our 3 year warranty.  We are your
local CT Shore and inland bat  specialist, here for all your bat control
issues.  We are a full time Ct bat removal business.
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A colony of bats on the outside of a gable
vent in Branford......just hanging out!
                     Bat Removal and exclusion in CT
          We bat proof homes statewide in Connecticut.
Professional Bat removal and exclusion/proofing services for Connecticut  homes and
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Do you have a bat in your home?  Let us put our expertise to work for you. Whether you
have bats in your attic, ceiling or hanging on the outside of your home, we can help. If
you are experiencing  bats flying into your home at night or see them flying out of your
roof vents, give us a call. We understand their life cycle and habits and can keep them
out of your home while at the same time not harming a single bat.  
This Bat flew out while we were Bat
proofing the home and landed in a
Photo 5/29/08 in Cheshire Ct
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