We saw our first robins today. First several in Madison and then at least one in East Lyme.  I always get excited upon their return. These are just the first though and many will not be back for several weeks or more. Living on the shoreline we are treated to see the first arrivals of those that migrate up the coast.

Some do not leave and winter over, similar to bluebirds.  I have not noticed robins this winter till today but I’m sure some probably wintered over.


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Black Bears!

Black Bear report for the CT shoreline. Call us and leave a message with your latest bear sightings.  860 876 7061

Many are well aware of black bears behind certain condominiums in Branford, near Hosley Ave. This bear routinely was seen with a cub.

7/19/2016  Our latest report is from Guilford with a bear seen in the back yards on East river road.

8/25/2016   Another report for Guilford, near water tower. Probably the same bear previously reported.



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Chipmunks, mice and squirrels.

If you have noticed the extra mice, squirrels and chipmunks in and around your home you are not imagining things.
Two reasons why these species are so numerous and their populations so healthy this year are the result of the very abundant acorn crop last fall (2015) and the rather mild winter of the same year.
The acorns provided unlimited food for these rodents at a time when breeding was taking place. more breeding results in more young. the mild temperatures and lack of snowfall and ice contributed to many of these animals not only surviving the winter but thriving this spring.
We enjoy seeing how these things all tie together.

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Spring 2016 is here and with it starts bat activity

March 2016

All winter long we received calls for bats in homes.

Those bats were hibernating in the homes attic or ceiling spaces and walls. Waking up to get comfortable especially with fluctuating temperatures outside, they sometimes found their way into the living spaces of the home.  There is no bat activity outside in Ct during the winter months.

In March as the temperature warms and insects come to life, the bats awake from their winter sleep and those that migrated away from CT. in the fall start to return.  We are seeing that take place now with increased calls for bats in attics and homes.

Now is the time to have your bat inspection done if you’ve had bats anywhere inside your home in the past. We can safely evict the bats alive back outside and then seal up your home or building so it does not happen again.  We have  many years bat proofing all kinds  of homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, church’s, schools as well as historic homes and cottages.  Shoreline Wildlife and Pest Control preforms bat proofing services for the entire state of CT.

Feel free to call me, Lenny with any questions you have about bats or any other wildlife or pest control concern you have. We are at 860 876 7061


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A hard winter but wildlife will be right on schedule this spring

We have seen a busy season with skunks and raccoons breeding this winter. skunks are still active but probably only for another week or two.   By the end of March, raccoons, skunks and gray squirrels, some of the most common calls we receive will be done breeding and the birthing season will be next around the corner.

Gray squirrels could be born anytime between now and April. Average litter size is 2 to 7

Raccoons Will start now in March and continue into May. Average litter size is 3-5 but I’ve seen 7 and 8 pups a few times here in Ct.

Skunks are born last in late April through June. They can have large litters ranging from 2-11.

As always, bats are born in CT in June and July.

Young woodchucks appear April and May with anywhere between 2-8 per litter.

Lastly, Eastern Moles can have 3 litters per year and litter size is 2 -8.

Call us for any wildlife or pest problems you may have for the best professional service in CT.

Lenny Gorski, Daivd Gorski and Stephen Gorski



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Ant or Termite damage

We see Carpenter ant damage often in CT.  If you know what to look for, you can sometimes treat it before it leads to more damage and more ants/termites. During a noise / mice inspection in Old Saybrook yesterday, I noticed this discolored wood at the bottom of a door

Just touching it with my finger I saw it was so soft I could easily have poked right into it at least an inch. This is a solid wood door.

Having the home professionally treated for ants can prevent hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. If you see flying ants inside your home, that is a sure sign that the nest is also inside your home somewhere.  work 019

Keeping an eye out for these little signs and acting quickly when they appear can keep the problem from getting bad. If you see ants or this type of wood damage in or around your home, feel free to give me a call. We can stop the activity safely and quickly.

Lenny 860 876 7061

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7 Tips on choosing a wildlife or pest control company in CT.

When considering hiring a company to come to your home to control an animal or pest problem, there are a few things you can do help insure you hire a reliable, capable and experienced company that you can trust in your home and to get the job done right.

Sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time. A lot can be written about hiring the right company but since wildlife and pest problems tend to happen suddenly or be of an emergency nature, you may not have time to spend and need a few quick ideas to help ensure the right choice. Examples might be a snake or bat in your living room, a noise in your attic keeping you awake all night or squirrels chewing their way into your attic. You need help quick!  That is what I will talk about here. Sometimes, you are not rushed but want to make a informed decision. You may have a bat colony in the attic, but they have not made it into the living space. Maybe a skunk under your shed. In these case’s you may have a little more time to do some research.   All the better. Start here and in the near future I will do part B, or more tips on choosing a wildlife and pest control company.

Tip #1       Expect who you hire to have liability insurance.   What we see is company’s claiming to have insurance coverage when they really do not.   Not only does this leave you, the customer vulnerable should an accident occur but it suggests that  someone who lies about insurance coverage might lie about other aspects of the  job or their company as well.  The simple solution is ask them to bring a copy of their liability insurance certificate.    Don’t be afraid to ask.  Anyone who does not have proof of insurance should be passed in your hiring decision.

Tip # 2   Consider the length of time a company has been in business.   A  fact in the wildlife control business is that a lot of start up companies last about 2 years and then go out of business.  When dealing with so many animal and pest species in so many different situations,  it easily takes two years or more just to get enough experience to handle the many different calls that arise in this business.    A Raccoon may be in your chimney, in a garage loft, under the home in a crawl space or ripping shingles off your roof to gain entry. It may or may not have young racoon pups. I address all these and many more situations differently. It is seldom just a matter of setting a trap. The experience I have gained over the last 15 years has helped me solve these problems in the quickest and most efficient way with the least amount of stress to you the homeowner and the animals involved.   Ask the company how long they have been in the nuisance wildlife or pest control  business.  Five years experience is not to much to ask.

TIP #3 Ask the potential company if they are licensed. Believe it or not, this is a problem in Connecticut. Recently, someone who lives on my street was arrested for hiring himself out to remove nuisance raccoons, skunks and wildlife. When a problem with the charges to the customer and the actual work itself developed, it was discovered that this person had no license in CT for wildlife work. This goes hand in hand with Tip#1. If they do not have a license, they don’t have insurance either. Here is a link from the state of CT  where you can look up a company by town and then name to verify their valid state NWCO license to control wildlife.

If you have time, one thing to note on that PDF is the license number. If you go to Clinton, you’ll see my license number is N0693. When you consider that the licensing test is only given 2 or 3 times a year, you can get an idea of when a person was licensed. When you see license numbers over N1000, that person has been in business for 2-3 years.  The higher the number, the more recently they obtained their license.

Tip #4 Consider choosing a company that not only is NWCO wildlife licensed but is also Pest Control licensed.  Typically a B or business lic. and a  S or supervisory type license.  We are licensed in both wildlife and and pest control and list those license numbers on the home page of our website.     The advantage of hiring someone who is capable in both trades is if when bat proofing your home, bat bugs (just like bed bugs) are discovered with the bats roosting in the attic, we can spray for the bat bugs after the bats have been evicted. No need to call someone else. If we have squirrel proofed your home in the past and you were happy with us, you can call us when you have mice 2 years later and not have to call someone you are not familiar with.

Tip #5   Make sure the company you consider is a full time company, not someone doing this after his 9-5 job.   A full time company is more likely to be able to respond quicker and make appointments at times that work for you schedule, not only when they get out of work.

  Tip  #6  Choose a company that has a website.   Most likely if your reading this in my blog, you will go online when you need someone but it’s worth mentioning. A company without a website nowadays is much more likely to be fly by night, so to speak and not be licensed, insured or reputable. Make sure on their website, you can see their picture, read their name and something about them. This helps you get familiar with them and their experience and also make sure that they are indeed the one coming to your home.  Too many company’s subcontract out their work and that is why they really don’t describe themselves on their website. You want to know who you are dealing with and who to expect at your home.

So that’s it for now, just some fast ways to help insure you hire a company you will be happy with. Following these tips can make sure you end up with someone qualified who will fix the job right the first time, charge a fair and reasonable price and you can trust.

If you have any questions regarding wildlife or pest control issues in CT, please call me anytime. Lenny Gorski, 860 876 7061

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Bird Feeding and rodents.

Feeding the birds is big business in the United States.  I used to feed myself and enjoy watching birds up close and how they go about their day.   If you are going to supplemental feed the birds, be aware that rodents (mice and rats)  like to move and hoard food they find.  When a bird feeder is next to your house, they can move seed inside your house, to store for winter. In my experience, this is a bigger problem than people realize. We routinely find sunflower bird seed in attics, couches, shoes, behind dishwashers etc. Mice can move food as big as an acorn. (typically white oak)  Striped and black oil sunflower is preferred by birds and they will go out of their way to horde it.

The main thing is to be aware of the risks if you do decide to feed the birds. A couple things you can do is buy a quality seed, straight sunflower or safflower. Avoid the seed with a lot of filler in it. Birds discard to the ground what they don’t want but mice won’t be so picky. Another thing is a feeder that has some sort of tray underneath, so that a minimum amount of seed actually reaches the ground. Thistle feeders are great for this. A small seed with small openings in the feeder and they can be had with a tray at the bottom of the feeder.  These attract the beautiful Goldfinches.  In the summer, switch to a hummingbird feeder. You wont attract mice but will attract one of the most interesting birds ever created. Lastly, make sure your seed is in a metal can so that mice or rats cannot get to the bag.

What may be the biggest attraction to birds in your yard though is not even a seed or food. Fresh water, as in a bird bath, if heated so as to not freeze will bring birds in large numbers to enjoy. You can get a heater made for just such a purpose.

Of course, we can always seal your home in CT. and block openings to prevent mice entry. Feel free to call us for any rodent control or with any pest control questions in Connecticut.



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Mountain lions again the disscussion in CT


Mountain lions are the talk of the town in eastern Connecticut since residents in one town have reported several sightings of a big cat.

North Stonington residents have been reporting a big cat, 5′ long, weighing 100 pounds, with a long tail.

Community leaders believe there have been at least 15 credible sightings of the big cats in North Stonington alone.

Conservation Commission Chairman Bill Ricker has been tracking the sightings.

“They’re not after people’s dogs and cats, they’re not after children. If you’re hiking through the woods in our state, they’ll go in the opposite direction and I dare you say you’ll never see them if they see you,” Ricker said.

The Connecticut DEEP isn’t so sure the big cats are actually here. Spokesman Dennis Schain said DEEP has not seen what they consider credible photographs, footprints or scat to confirm the cats’ presence.

If you see a large cat, take a picture of it. State and local experts said they need to see evidence of a paw print or fur to prove mountain lions are in the state.

Copyright 2015 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

There are a LOT of trail cameras in the woods of Ct to take pictures of deer and other wildlife. If the big cats are here, and I think it is possible, we will have pictures on those cameras at some point  Theres just no way to avoid them and most are placed near areas of deer activity / trails.
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Winter is here

This time of the year gives us a little bit of a break from the hectic workload of spring and summer. We are getting calls for mice,rats,squirrels and bat activity but the pace is a little slower now and a welcome break at times.
This winters temperatures to date have not been to bad and have made working outside a little more bearable weather we are on a roof squirrel proofing or putting down a barrier around a home to keep the mice out.

Some animals will alternate between long periods of deep rest and sudden bursts of mad energy. Here are some that just happened to allow their picture to be snapped, before they woke up. ~ Lenny

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