how much wood…

can a woodchuck chuck. You’ve heard the saying!

It turns out, quite a bit. We were called to a home in Lyme Ct. to investigate an animal loose in the house with damage. Upon arrival, I did not see the animal right away but the damage was evident.
Wood chips and shavings everywhere, from chewing on the doors, windows, furniture. If you’ve been to these types of calls you know that it is gray squirrel that usually do this type of damage. They get in the attic and work there way into the living space of the home or maybe fall down the chimney. This damage though, just looked a little different. I wasn’t sure why and started to look for what had caused it.
Eventually, I found the culprit hiding under a workbench, on a shelf. A nice fat woodchuck! I was a little surprised to see it had done so much damage. It was removed and relocated to a suitable area.

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