Rabies again, this time Enfield

A rabid fox who bit at least two people and had direct contact with a dog was shot by police after being found on Brightmeadow Boulevard, said Enfield Animal Control Officer David Yoho.

Yoho said animal control received several calls on Wednesday about a sick fox running through the St. James Avenue neighborhood. The gray fox bit one person on St. James Avenue and another person on Holiday Inn on Brightmeadow Boulevard.

Police said the gray fox was sent to the state lab in Hartford where it tested positive for rabies.

Yoho is asking residents who believe their pet may have had contact with the fox to call animal control, the health department or a veterinarian.

Clinical signs of rabies in animals include fever, loss of appetite, excessive irritability, unusual vocalization, change in behavior, restlessness, jumping at noises, trouble walking, excess salivation, tremors, convulsions, paralysis, stupors or unprovoked aggression.


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