Spring is here!

I’m sure you are all as excited as I am for springs arrival. Each week gets a little nicer, a little warmer. With springs arrival comes the bat activity in CT. Bats that have hibernated in an attic for the winter will awaken from their slumber and become active as well as those migrating back from other places where they spent the last five months.  Bats will start to have their young in late April to early June.

Raccoons and skunks are also ready to give birth in the next couple months and gray squirrels have already started, the first ones just now showing up in CT.  It is early and they will continue to have a drawn out birthing season over the course of the spring. Mice can have multiple litter, year round but the frequency of their litters will pick up in the spring and summer months.

Bats will typically have their young in attic or walls. Include cathedral and vaulted ceilings to that list as well.  Skunks of course will birth under homes and sheds , the same going for raccoons  with the addition of attics and chimney flues since they are apt climbers. Squirrels are like bats in where they will pick to have their young, attics, ceilings and walls although the occasional enterprising female squirrel will  pick and give birth in drop panel ceilings between floors, garages, sheds and crawl spaces under homes.

Over the years I have been doing this type of work, some of the unusual spots I’ve seen wildlife give birth have been a raccoon and her pups in a truck cab on a used car parking lot, gray squirrel under the hood of a seldom used car in a garage, raccoons inside a wall of a store and birds in merchandise for sale at the bigger box stores.

In the early summer as a lot of these young are weaned and start to move about on their own, their antics can keep me bus as they fall into chimneys,  get into dryer vents, trapped in window wells along the side of a house  or just loose, flying or running around inside homes.  But that is a topic for another time.

Have a great spring everyone!! Lenny Gorski





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