Snow, snow snow!

I love snow but it does tend to keep us off the roofs where we usually need to be for flying squirrel and gray squirrel work. We managed to get two gray squirrel jobs started today. One for the US Fish And Wildlife Service and one for a customer on Saw Mill Rd. in Guilford CT.   We were able to do the eviction and exclusion work off of ladders so it wasn’t too bad.  Just Cold!!

We even had time to look at a third gray squirrel call in Higgnaum but there was too much snow and ice on the roof to get up there where they had chewed in so it will have to wait a few days.

The mice are getting into homes as well and we receive  calls for them this time of year as well.  Yesterday we looked at mice noise calls in Old Saybrook and Chester.

Below is a picture of a soffit overhand next to a chimney on a house we treated for Flying Squirrels in Trumbull last week. See the urine staining leaching out of the soffit which we later cleaned off. Notice the white metal flashing, bent and installed against the chimney. I put wire mesh and caulk behind the metal flashing first and then used the aluminum to look good and keep the squirrels out. It was a difficult area to work in due to the power wires attached there, the hieght and the uneven ground where we had to place the ladder.


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