Flying squirrels in Old Lyme attic

Here are some pictures of what flying squirrels can do over time. If you have difficult access to the attic such as a ceiling panel you need a step ladder to reach, you may not know what is going on up there. Without a walk up or pull down entry, it can be difficult for homeowners to see if there is any animal evidence in their attic.                     Note the droppings, acorns and even a squirrel peeking out from the insulation to see what I was doing.   If you have any questions about wildlife in your home, please contact or call me, Lenny at

Flying squirrel damage to air conditioning insulation on lineset

Flying squirrel droppings and urine stains on wires

Acorn stash for the winter

Flying squirrels in attic, Old Lyme CT
Squirrel watching me. when I inspect an attic and see squirrels it is a sign there are a good number of them.

Flying squirrel droppings, Lyme CT
Flying Squirrel droppings, Lyme CT



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