Exclusion / sealing of squirrel damage

When a squirrel has gained entry into a home, chewing in either through sound wood or perhaps soft or water damaged  areas, our first step is to remove the squirrels that have gained entry.  Once that is accomplished, we want to make a sound repair to the damaged area.  Often, that can mean having to remove length of gutter  to replace boards,  replacing wood a 2nd and 3rd story heights and/or great expense to the homeowner. Sometimes there is just a delay until a homeowner can get their contractor out to do the work.

In the meantime, we provide a solid, long lasting, attractive barrier to seal up that damaged area. With aluminum flashing and metal bending tools, I can match the couture of the area needing repair. Here a few pictures of just such a repair I did in Niantic CT. at a recent squirrel eviction and exclusion.  This repair will last for years if needed or until such time as the wood is replaced.




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