Mountain lions again the disscussion in CT


Mountain lions are the talk of the town in eastern Connecticut since residents in one town have reported several sightings of a big cat.

North Stonington residents have been reporting a big cat, 5′ long, weighing 100 pounds, with a long tail.

Community leaders believe there have been at least 15 credible sightings of the big cats in North Stonington alone.

Conservation Commission Chairman Bill Ricker has been tracking the sightings.

“They’re not after people’s dogs and cats, they’re not after children. If you’re hiking through the woods in our state, they’ll go in the opposite direction and I dare you say you’ll never see them if they see you,” Ricker said.

The Connecticut DEEP isn’t so sure the big cats are actually here. Spokesman Dennis Schain said DEEP has not seen what they consider credible photographs, footprints or scat to confirm the cats’ presence.

If you see a large cat, take a picture of it. State and local experts said they need to see evidence of a paw print or fur to prove mountain lions are in the state.

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There are a LOT of trail cameras in the woods of Ct to take pictures of deer and other wildlife. If the big cats are here, and I think it is possible, we will have pictures on those cameras at some point  Theres just no way to avoid them and most are placed near areas of deer activity / trails.
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