A hard winter but wildlife will be right on schedule this spring

We have seen a busy season with skunks and raccoons breeding this winter. skunks are still active but probably only for another week or two.   By the end of March, raccoons, skunks and gray squirrels, some of the most common calls we receive will be done breeding and the birthing season will be next around the corner.

Gray squirrels could be born anytime between now and April. Average litter size is 2 to 7

Raccoons Will start now in March and continue into May. Average litter size is 3-5 but I’ve seen 7 and 8 pups a few times here in Ct.

Skunks are born last in late April through June. They can have large litters ranging from 2-11.

As always, bats are born in CT in June and July.

Young woodchucks appear April and May with anywhere between 2-8 per litter.

Lastly, Eastern Moles can have 3 litters per year and litter size is 2 -8.

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Lenny Gorski, Daivd Gorski and Stephen Gorski



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