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Hantavirus suspicions force quarantine of Woodlands home
Posted: Sep 08, 2012 9:45 PM EDT Updated: Sep 09, 2012 1:45 PM EDT
By Kristin Kane, Reporter – bio

A woman in Montgomery County may be infected with the potentially deadly Hantavirus, a rodent-borne disease responsible for three recent deaths in California.
The woman was helping clean a home on Slash Pine Place, which we’re told is filled with debris and rodent urine and feces.
After the woman tested positive for the disease, the home was quarantined and a Sheriff’s Deputy is guarding the home making sure nobody goes in.

The home has been quarantined for over 24 hours now.

The home on Slash Pine Place near the Woodlands sits vacant and dark with apparently a whole boat load of junk and critters inside.
“This particular area, it’s an extreme case of rodent infestation. There’s evidence of rodents, mice, snakes, possums in and around the home, which is not unusual in a hoarding situation because there’s so much material. It’s impossible to keep it clean and track the rodent population,” said Dr. Mark Escott with the Montgomery County Health Department.

It’s that dried rodent urine and feces, that officials believe caused the daughter of the homeowner to test positive for the potentially deadly Hantavirus.
“It’s a virus which is spread by rodents, dried feces and urine. That’s the source of the infection,” said Dr. Escott.

We’re told the woman was helping to clean the home, along with a crew of 29 others who were there filming an episode for the Discovery Channel’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive.”
“The crew that was involved are from out of state, they’ve been notified, as well as the number of volunteers involved in cleanup,” said Dr. Escott.Dr. Escott says during the cleanup effort, about 200 books were donated to the non-profit organization, “Friends of the Houston Library,” with the intent to re-sell. Tonight they issued a statement that says they…
“…reacted immediately and proactively by isolating as many books as possible……none of the books from the recent Woodlands donation have been distributed.”

As for nearby residents, they say because the disease is not contagious and that they’re not at all concerned.
“If it was a threat, man, people would be getting it because there are rodents everywhere, we live in Southeast Texas. There are rodents in it,” said one resident.
“It was a house that was just cluttered and nasty,” said another resident.

The house has been quarantined and a Sheriff’s Deputy has been guarding the house to ensure nobody goes inside.

Because the disease is so rare, the victim has to be tested again at the state lab in order to officially confirm the case. Those results are expected on Monday.Depending on the outcome, the state health department, the CDC and local officials will determine if the house can be cleaned.

Going back to 1993, Carrie Williams, the Health Department Community Affairs Director says, “we have had 35 cases in the State of Texas. We have had non this year and that is very rare.”
The average number of cases of Hantavirus is one to two.
Remember, if you notice any signs of rodents in your home you need to contact a pest control company.

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