Spring 2016 is here and with it starts bat activity

March 2016

All winter long we received calls for bats in homes.

Those bats were hibernating in the homes attic or ceiling spaces and walls. Waking up to get comfortable especially with fluctuating temperatures outside, they sometimes found their way into the living spaces of the home.  There is no bat activity outside in Ct during the winter months.

In March as the temperature warms and insects come to life, the bats awake from their winter sleep and those that migrated away from CT. in the fall start to return.  We are seeing that take place now with increased calls for bats in attics and homes.

Now is the time to have your bat inspection done if you’ve had bats anywhere inside your home in the past. We can safely evict the bats alive back outside and then seal up your home or building so it does not happen again.  We have  many years bat proofing all kinds  of homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, church’s, schools as well as historic homes and cottages.  Shoreline Wildlife and Pest Control preforms bat proofing services for the entire state of CT.

Feel free to call me, Lenny with any questions you have about bats or any other wildlife or pest control concern you have. We are at 860 876 7061



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