Now is the time to call for deer control.

Deer sometimes cause concern with Lyme disease and damage to property. We can safely reduce the number of deer on  your property to a number more compatible with the land. Just call me for details. Lenny  860 876 7061


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Copperhead snake, Cheshire CT

A nice adult Northern Copperhead snake from CT. my daughter found on a hike this week. Soaking up the sun on some rocks. Copperheads are a slow moving snake that are pretty calm unless stepped on or accidentally scared such as putting your hand in or on a rock or tree when hiking in the woods. If bitten by one of these, don’t panic.  Their bite is rarely fatal and the amount and strength of their venom is much less than the rattlesnake.  They are not the evil creature they are often made out to be. Best to give them a little space and just enjoy their presence.


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Exclusion / sealing of squirrel damage

When a squirrel has gained entry into a home, chewing in either through sound wood or perhaps soft or water damaged  areas, our first step is to remove the squirrels that have gained entry.  Once that is accomplished, we want to make a sound repair to the damaged area.  Often, that can mean having to remove length of gutter  to replace boards,  replacing wood a 2nd and 3rd story heights and/or great expense to the homeowner. Sometimes there is just a delay until a homeowner can get their contractor out to do the work.

In the meantime, we provide a solid, long lasting, attractive barrier to seal up that damaged area. With aluminum flashing and metal bending tools, I can match the couture of the area needing repair. Here a few pictures of just such a repair I did in Niantic CT. at a recent squirrel eviction and exclusion.  This repair will last for years if needed or until such time as the wood is replaced.

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Carpenter Ants in Stonington

While inspecting an attic for mice in North Stonington CT. today I noticed this.Carpenter ants will often end up inside a home when they already have a nest nearby outside. The foraging ants may start a satellite nest inside the home. Moisture in the home from clogged gutters, leaking plumbing and more can also be an attraction to the ants.

In this case, when I asked the homeowner if they had carpenter ants before, they replied that recently a contractor was taking off trim and siding above a large window where the wood was rotting with moisture. As he did a large ant nest was found to be behind the siding and around and in the window framing.  A company came out to treat that spot for the ants the contractor had seen when he opened up the area around the window.                    When I looked at the board in the attic with the ant damage, it seemed like it was the only one, the other wood joists and rafters appeared to be sound. Then I realized how the damaged board inside was just on the other side of the exterior wall from that infested window area, outside. When disturbed, some of the ants likely quickly moved inside.

With spring comes ants. Call us if you see them in your home. We can inspect and treat the problem for you.





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Raccoon in the chimey Main St. Old Saybrook.

It was easy for me to see how the animal was getting on the roof of this home in Old Saybrook.  Notice the black footprints all over and around the gutter downspout. Raccoons climb gutter downspouts with ease. We caught him overnight but left the traps today to make sure there are no more.

Raccoon footprints Old Saybrook


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Mice in Killingworth

On a recent inspection for flying squirrels in Killingworth CT, I uncovered evidence of not only flying squirrels but bats and mice, all in the attic. When inspecting the full basement,  I only found evidence of mice in one area. There was an old crayon on the floor and the mice were eating it, thinking it was food. Mice will mistake crayons, candles, soap and other similar things for food.

mice droppings around crayon

Mice, feeding on crayon, killingworth CT


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Coyotes in CT

After seeing a coyote mid day cross River Rd. in Essex  and then have a customer from Saw Mill Rd. in Guilford call today to tell me  of coyotes passing though his yard during the day,  I was thinking about coyotes and what is happening with them this time of year.   Then, a recent article in the local news about them made me want to write about them.

Basically, A coyotes main food is mice. At this time of the year, mice reproduce slowly, if at all do to the cold and the focus being on survival.  With the coyotes consumption of mice , as well as other predators after the same thing, decreased reproduction and natural mortality from the cold and starvation to the mouse itself, there is less food for the coyote right now. In addition, the cold increases the amount of food a coyote needs to keep warm and survive itself.

Nothing will make an animal move around more and thus be spotted more than a lack of food or when it is searching for food, generally speaking.   There is not much to be done regarding the sightings of these animal, nor should there be. They are opportunistic when searching for food and can be seen stalking deer and lurking is residential areas in search of pets.  Generally, there is not much that can be done except keep your pets inside or on a tight leash and wait the season out. As it warms up, the sightings will most likely decrease. Then in the spring as the young are born, the coyotes will again be visible as they hunt for food for their young. It’s all part of the natural world we live in.




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Flying squirrels in Old Lyme attic

Here are some pictures of what flying squirrels can do over time. If you have difficult access to the attic such as a ceiling panel you need a step ladder to reach, you may not know what is going on up there. Without a walk up or pull down entry, it can be difficult for homeowners to see if there is any animal evidence in their attic.                     Note the droppings, acorns and even a squirrel peeking out from the insulation to see what I was doing.   If you have any questions about wildlife in your home, please contact or call me, Lenny at

Flying squirrel damage to air conditioning insulation on lineset

Flying squirrel droppings and urine stains on wires

Acorn stash for the winter

Flying squirrels in attic, Old Lyme CT
Squirrel watching me. when I inspect an attic and see squirrels it is a sign there are a good number of them.

Flying squirrel droppings, Lyme CT
Flying Squirrel droppings, Lyme CT



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Noise in wall Guilford CT

Ever wonder what the noise in your wall might be?  Bees, Ants, mice, squirrels, rats, birds and more can get in the walls and create noise that you hear.  This time of year,  most of the calls we receive for this complaint are for mice.   Here’s two  pictures taken in Guilford of what mice do when they are in between the sheet rock, inside the wall void. 

mice in wall void


Close up of mouse activity.

Call us here at Shoreline Wildlife if you are in CT. and hear noise’s in your wall. We have the experience to identify and stop the noise right away.

Lenny – 860 876 7061- Clinton CT   ~    ~

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Snow, snow snow!

I love snow but it does tend to keep us off the roofs where we usually need to be for flying squirrel and gray squirrel work. We managed to get two gray squirrel jobs started today. One for the US Fish And Wildlife Service and one for a customer on Saw Mill Rd. in Guilford CT.   We were able to do the eviction and exclusion work off of ladders so it wasn’t too bad.  Just Cold!!

We even had time to look at a third gray squirrel call in Higgnaum but there was too much snow and ice on the roof to get up there where they had chewed in so it will have to wait a few days.

The mice are getting into homes as well and we receive  calls for them this time of year as well.  Yesterday we looked at mice noise calls in Old Saybrook and Chester.

Below is a picture of a soffit overhand next to a chimney on a house we treated for Flying Squirrels in Trumbull last week. See the urine staining leaching out of the soffit which we later cleaned off. Notice the white metal flashing, bent and installed against the chimney. I put wire mesh and caulk behind the metal flashing first and then used the aluminum to look good and keep the squirrels out. It was a difficult area to work in due to the power wires attached there, the hieght and the uneven ground where we had to place the ladder.


If you use facebook, please visit us there,

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