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A Chipmunk in a garage, Killingworth
A male
Wood duck, removed from a
fireplace/chimney in Lyme. When released,
it is really neat to see them fly through the
trees.  A Beautiful duck.

In business for over 17 years, I have the experience
to properly diagnose the attic noise you hear or identify
how the mice or squirrels are getting into your ceiling or walls.
I preform a detailed and through inspection
that makes my customers very happy.
That way, we correctly identify the
problem and fix it so it doesn't happen again.
I take great pride in my work offering
professional results and value to my customers.
Call us anytime if you have questions
Lenny Gorski, Deanna Gorski, Allison Gorski
We are the company to call for wildlife and pest problems on the CT shoreline. Weather it is bat removal and proofing, squirrel proofing or trapping
or raccoons in the chimney flue, we have the experience that other newer local company's do not. Mouse and rat infestation are my specialty. We
can treat your property for ants and wasps and all sorts of bug and insect activity as well. We service New Haven county, Middlesex County and
New London county's. Call me, Lenny anytime.,