Shoreline Wildlife specializes in  wildlife Removal. When wild animals
gain access to your home or place of business or damage your property, we
here to help.   
I am, as is our office manager, Deanna, a licensed wildlife operator.
What we specialize in is human/wildlife conflicts. This could be Raccoons in
your fireplace or attic, a bat flying around your home, woodpeckers making
holes on the side of your house or moles damaging your lawn. We bat and
squirrel proof homes and commercial buildings.  

Here is a list of all the animals we deal with on a regular basis.
Bats, Beaver, Birds- (pigeons,sparrows,starlings,woodpeckers) Chipmunks,
Flying Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, Moles, Opossum, Raccoon, Red Squirrel,
Skunks, Snakes, Turtles and Woodchucks.  We also do Rat and mice
and exclusion work

Should you have a problem with Geese, please call us for a referral to someone who specializes
in Canada Goose control

We also will remove dead animals from under a home, screen a deck or shed to
permanently keep out skunks, Install stainless steel chimney caps or screens to keep out
birds,squirrels and raccoons. We also install bat houses,  can safely clean animal waste
out of an attic and are experts at odor control.

If your concerns are more bug related, we can fix that as well.
We treat for ants, spiders, pantry pests, bees, wasps, bed bugs, stink bugs, drain flies,
springtails, moths, flies, beetles, earwigs and just about any other insect that may be in or
around your home.
We offer one time service as well as regularly scheduled appointments for your peace of

Connecticut legislation and licensing for NWCOS is among the strictest in the nation. In
fact, many states have modeled their programs after Connecticut's.  
This is good as it protects not only the wildlife we deal with but you, the consumer.
A Flicker woodpecker removed from a fireplace. Uninjured,
it flew away strong. It was very vocal.  Old Lyme
A Beaver damaged tree, Deep River
Shoreline Wildlife has serviced homes all along the Connecticut shore. From summer In addition, we have
worked for commercial business or public institutions such as
Stop and Shop, Wallgreens, CVS, Yale Hospital, Schick, Planet Fitness, Dunkin Doughnuts, numerous
restaurants, country clubs, golf courses and beach clubs. Branford, North Branford, Guilford, and Madison Public
schools, Guilford elderly housing, numerous  group homes, Waters Edge resort and more.
We, are a
FULL TIME company. We are not working another job and checking traps after work. This is important
as it means we are always here for you, should you need us.
I  Personally have worked for the DEP as a volunteer beaver trapper and I'm certified in coyote land trapping in
We have the experience and know how to handle any  wildlife in any situation
There are nationwide businesses that advertise in our area and then subcontract out any work that comes in.  
Their sole interest is to make money by selling your work to another company. We will not do this.   A third party
will not have the same interest in your home or building as someone who lives here. Carefully looking at their
website will reveal they may not be a local company at all. Company's in these situations can be very hard to track
down if you need too, should you have a problem.  
Also, they have to charge more because now there is two
companies involved,  The original one contacted and the one they sub the work out too.
We live right here on the shore in Connecticut and are always available to follow up on work or answer your
questions. Our pricing is fair and reasonable and the quality of our work is high.
If you have a pest problem that is not wildlife such as ants, mice or termites, we can refer you to a local, family run
pest control company that will do the work right for you and just like us, has a vested interest in our area.  
Just call us for a local referral in our area, we'd be glad to help!
Also, If you have a wildlife problem anywhere else in Ct.,  feel free to call us for a referral. I can put you in touch
with someone who is qualified.
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"Lenny, you are my
wildlife expert!"
Sandra Hogan
Branford CT