The Eastern mole is responsible for the majority of lawn damage that we see.
The star nose mole, while a little smaller and less common, is capable of the
same tunneling and movement of dirt. Starnose prefer wet areas and are found
where the yard is near a swamp or has poor drainage.
Moles can make tunnels in new ground at 18' per hour. They also have hinged
fur and can travel in a established tunnel either direction roughly at 80' a
Besides lawn and garden damage, moles will tunnel under sidewalks and can
remove enough dirt that the bricks or walkway starts to cave in.
If your lawn is being destroyed by moles or the problem has just started, we
can help. We have years of experience baiting these underground tunnelers.
We can solve your mole problem through our baiting program.

Voles in Ct. can do extensive damage to plantings, rose bushes and
ornamental plantings underground at the root level and above ground at the
stem or base by girdling or gnawing.
Vole activity can be seen by dead or dyeing plants and shrubs, multiple holes
in gardens,mulch and lawns about the size of a nickel and trails on the grass.
We can control voles for you with methods that will work.
Please call us for details.

Professional Mole trapping and vole control in Connecticut
Moles caught at a property in Madison
An Eastern mole,
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