Sometimes called the masked bandit, the Raccoon
can be quite the character.  
With the young born between March and May, the
Raccoon will often nest in Chimneys, usually above
the fireplace damper or on the smoke shelf to have
it's young.  Other times, they will rip off vents to gain
access to an attic space and even shingles off the
roof if they want to get in bad enough.
In the colder months, they will seek these spots as
well in order to sleep a good part of the winter away.
Raccoons will have toilets, an area where they go
frequently. Over time, this can create quite the mess,
sometimes causing staining to seep through the
ceiling in these areas. When removed, we can clean
up these areas for you. This should be done
whenever they are removed from a fireplace. Often
times, the Female will have been in the flue for 2
months or more without  making a sound with her
presence only revealed when the young start to
make noise.  By then, there is usually quite a
accumulation of waste from the animal.      
We have years of experience in removing them from
. Our knowledge of this animal and it's habits
along with specialized tools and traps will have your
home or business Raccoon free in no time.
Just as important as getting them out, is making
sure more can't get in. We can also cap the chimney
and repair any other way they may have gained
entrance to your home, so it doesn't happen again.  
A question we are often asked is will the young
make a good pet.  While it is true they are very cute
and tempting, there are laws preventing keeping
raccoons as pets. Only someone trained, licensed
and  equipped to raise them should attempt it
.               Rabies is also a concern.  If you should
have any contact with a raccoon or it's saliva, it is
imperative that you seek immediate medical advice
and treatment.
It is normal to have sightings of them during the
spring as well. Unless the animal is acting strangely
such as over friendliness, over aggressive behavior
or turning in circles, it is usually not concern for
alarm.  The sow will often search during the day for
food, in order to keep her nourishment up, as she
feeds the young.
It is important to note that behavior alone can not be
a determining factor  whether or not a animal is
rabid. There is a period of time when the animal first
contacts the disease, to when symptoms start to
manifest themselves. The only sure Rabies test is
preformed on the animal itself, this being done in
Hartford, under Connecticut state control.
The best advice is keep your distance from them, do
not corner them and report any odd behavior to
your local ACO.   
Call us for any problems you may be experiencing
with Raccoons.  We are a full time wildlife company
and can do the job fast and do it  right.     
Waking up from a nap
In a dumpster, Branford
Professional Raccoon trapping, removal and control in Connecticut             
We service Clinton, Ct. and many more CT towns
Humane, professional removal, trapping and raccoon proofing
If you have Raccoons in your attic, chimney, garage or boat, we can  remove them quickly.  
Old Saybrook Raccoon
View from the top
Raccoon in a chimney flue,
Raccoons caught for a customer in
Removed from a Clinton Ct home
Did you know
Raccoons that live near the ocean can change
from nocturnal activity to being active at low
tide, even if it is during the day, so they can
feed on small fish and other sea life that is
exposed and trapped at that time. Raccoons in
shoreline towns such as Old Saybrook do very
well living in the salt water tidal marsh areas.
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