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Mice and Rats can cause concerns over the mess they create with their feces and
urine contaminating food and damaging items stored in a basement or attics, the noise
they make in your walls, the varied health
concerns, such as Hanta Virus and the nests they make in cars motor or interior.  They
can also chew wires inside your home.  
We take mice and rat control seriously and approach rodent problems with the same
expertise as our wildlife control.  
Using a Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM) we don't just apply a poison and
call it good. IPM focuses on evaluation, monitoring, mechanical alteration and
especially exclusion work. I have found over the years the rodents are no different than
bats or skunks, unless you address how they are getting in, you will never permanently
cure the problem.  Sealing a home where these rodents come in is just as important as
how you control the problem.
A rodenticide is a safe and warranted means of control
but its
really temporary unless the openings in the home are addressed. We use a
combination of all these things to give lasting results whenever possible.
When needed, we have the ability and state supervisory license needed to apply a
rodenticide bait to control Mice and Rats and a intimate knowledge of the different
types of mice and their habits as well as a understanding of the Norway Rat and it's life
cycle,biology and habits and what it takes to deal with the toughest infestations of
these rodents.  
I love working with rodents and making a difference on the home that they
have invaded.  I know you want them eliminated and love to be able to do
that for our customers. It brings for me a satisfaction of a job well done and
helping others, and for you a peace of mind that these pests are gone.
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A Norway Rat caught in a garage,Guilford
Mouse activity in an attic,Old Lyme
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Mouse and Rat exterminating in
A Ct Deer Mouse from Old
Mice baiting, Niantic
Mice and Rats can cause food
contamination, exposure to
disease as well as chew wires and
stored items and make a heck of a
lot of noise.
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Thank you for the way you and the boys treated my invasion of
flying squirrels, gray squirrels, mice, carpenter ants and bees.  
You never wavered from taking it all seriously and getting to the
bottom of the problem.
Always professional, always with a sense of humor, many many
Lisa G. Madison 12/2017