As you navigate our web site, you'll get a feel for a lot of the animals we deal with on a
regular basis.  You may not realize everything else we do however so we made a list.
Generally speaking, if the situation you have involves animals, we probably service  
whatever is directly related to their presence in your home or building. An example of
this would be Raccoons that have gone into your chimney flue. After removing the
and cleaning out the mess they've made we can install a stainless steel
chimney cap,top or screen so you never have the problem again.
Please read our list to see all we have to offer.    

  • Bat guano clean up- We have the HEPA Vacuum and equipment needed to
    clean up bat guano safely
  • Attic/Home clean up- When wildlife makes a mess in your attic,crawl space
    or living spaces of the home, we can clean it all up just like it never happened.
  • Whole house and property wildlife inspections
  • Chimney caps-  Stainless steel Chimney caps, tops and screens for a single
    flue or multiple flues. All with lifetime warranties
  • Screening-  We can screen decks, porch's and sheds to keep the animals
  • Disinfecting- Wherever it's needed.
  • Gutter Cleaning- Fall and Winter
  • Consultation Work- please call
  • Roof vent and fan screens or covers
  • Dryer/Bathroom vent covers- Birds and nests removed from dryer vents.
  • Tree Branch trimming- light tree branch's removed to help keep squirrels at
    bay. Telescoping pole chainsaw work.
  • Bird Deterrents- nest, droppings clean up
  • Bat Transportation- for Rabies testing. Other species also
  • Saturday service by appointments
  • Risk assessment inspections
  • Rodent/Vermine inspections- as required by town building codes
  • Knowledgeable, full time office staff
  • Service for Homeowners,property management groups,
  • commercial and industrial buildings
  • Letters for Insurance purposes- As required
Lenny Bat proofing a house in
Bat removal and  proofing in Essex Ct.