Professional Snake Removal and Consultation in Connecticut

Snakes are probably my favorite animal to handle. With 14 species in Connecticut, only two are
Chances are, the snake you see is one of the harmless ones common to our area. The black rat snake, (a  
real Gentle snake) ring neck snakes, common garters, black racers and water snakes.
Usually, a snake outside your home is best left alone. Wrapped up in a shrub, it may be hunting or laying
in a driveway, sunning itself.  
Don't ever kill a snake. They are extremely beneficial to the environment and some species are threatened
due to habitat destruction and vehicle strikes.  
We will respond to a snake inside your home. Be aware that once you lose sight of it, a snake can be very
difficult to find. Snakes shed their skins several time a season and finding these in your basement could
be a indicator that the snakes presence is more than a isolated incident.  
We can advise you on why the snake is in your home and the steps you can do to prevent them coming
back in the future.      
A fear of snakes is very common and  understandable. Information can help our understanding of these
animals and how we relate to them.
Deanna, our office manager and Kristen with a Black Rat snake, Guilford
A common garter snake
seen at a mole job in
If you would like more information on snakes in our area, A must   read  is
Snakes of New England  by Linda Krulikowski.   For years, I felt a good book on
snakes was just not available for our area. We needed something beyond a field guide
or a college text book. Published in 2004 and 25 years in the making, Linda's book is
more than a good read on snakes.  It combines super photography, history, personal
experience, folklore, personal stories and more. A colorful book and a must for any
nature lover.     Highly recommended!
Northern water snake,
Removed from a Old Saybrook
home. These are normally
aggressive and often mistaken for
venomous snakes. They will bite
if you try and pick one up.
This is a fine example of an adult.