Damage caused by Woodpeckers
tapping on the glass
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If you have a woodpecker tapping on your home, your not alone. Our office receives calls for them
on a regular basis.  Connecticut has several kinds of woodpeckers with some more fond of houses
than others. The Downy, the hairy and the flicker along with the occasional red bellied or
sapsucker  may be looking for food in the siding such as carpenter bees . Other times, it may be
making noise to attract a mate or claim a territory.   
When done properly, Deterring birds off the siding or trim of a structure is effective and in all but
the most extreme cases, is all that is needed.
We can fill holes and repair the damage as well. Let our years of experience working with these
birds work for you.  
Other species of birds we deal with on a regular basis include  house sparrows, European starlings and
pigeons. All introduced to this country, they have flourished here and do tend to cause problems for home
and building owner.
Whether it is sparrows in a dryer vent, pigeons or seagulls on a roof, or a 5x5 foot starling nest in an attic,
we have worked on it before and can solve your bird problem, efficiently and safely.  
House sparrows entry
to a dryer vent that we
material and then
House sparrows entry
covered with a UL
listed vent cover.